Unity’s Timeline: Animating a Spaceship

Hello all!

Today, I will be going over how to animate a spaceship in Timeline!

My Goal:

I am supposed to make a spaceship take off, fly around for a bit, then return to the beginning using at least 3 seamlessly blended animations.

Animating the Spaceship

When animating in Timeline, put the spaceship where you want to start, head back to the Timeline window, then click the record button:

  1. When recording, select the spaceship.
  2. Head to the Inspector.
  3. Right click your position in the Transform tab and click “Add Key”. This will set the start of the animation to that position.
  4. After the first key, decide how long you want the first animation to be. When you decide, set the time to that length.
  5. Now position the spaceship where you want it to go in that length of time. Timeline will automatically add the keys after the first one.
  6. Press the play button and test your animation!
  7. Now you can do this to add additional animations.

That was how to animate a spaceship. My animation skills could use a little work, but it looks pretty good!

Next up, I will be going over Activation tracks in Timeline!

Thank you for your time!



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Marcus Cohee

Marcus Cohee


I am starting Unity and learning the ropes as I go! Let’s take this journey together!