Timeline & Cinemachine: Spaceship Cinematic Experience — Finale

Marcus Cohee
1 min readAug 5, 2022


Hello all!

Today, I am posting about how I created this Spaceship Cinematic Experience using both Unity’s Timeline and Cinemachine!

This video showcases the whole game!

This project was a blast to make! Using assets from filebase.gamedevhq.com and sounds from freesound.org, I made a fun small experience that takes less than 2 minutes to experience! Check out the video above to see more!

As seen in the video, I made a few virtual and blend-list cameras for an awesome cinematic experience.

After that, you go to a scene with the same ship that you can control. You start in a cutscene that makes the ship take off with some sound effects, then you hit a trigger midway down the lane to warp in ships, and finally an outro warping to earth!

Check out the game here at itch.io!

Next up, I will be delving into Unity’s New Input System!

See you then!



Marcus Cohee

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