Guide to Making a Beautiful Game: Occlusion Culling

Hello all!

Today, I will be going over Occlusion Culling and its advantages! This feature will give your games massive performance boost, find out why!

How Occlusion Culling Improves Performance

Looking at the .GIF above, see how the terrain is being affected when I turn the camera? When using Occlusion Culling, the only objects that are rendered are objects the main camera is looking at, as seen above in the small window on the bottom right.

This helps performance considerably when in a room with lots of high quality features because the game will only render what’s in view. If the game had to render those high quality objects and keep them rendered the whole time, you will run out of graphic memory fast and have very poor FPS (frames per second).

And that is Occlusion Culling. Short and sweet!

Next, I will go over Reflection Probes!

Thank you for your time!



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