Guide to Making a Beautiful Game: Light Probes in HDRP

Hello all!

Today, I will be going over why you should add light probes to your scene!

This is chaos but that is my Light probe group!

Adding your Light Probe Group

When adding your light probes, just duplicate them all over your scene. This will make sense when I explain them.

Why use Light Probes

Light probes are a mesh of lights sources that emit light on dynamic objects depending on how bright the lights are around the object.

This means without light probes, if you are in a room with a couple bright lights, the sides without the light will be completely dark. With light probes however, the probe group will emit a little light onto the side without light, making it look as if the light is bouncing off a wall nearby.

Light probes are also very useful in outdoor settings. If you have just one directional light to act like the sun, the areas that are in shadow will have their shaders masked and look almost greyscale. If you add light probes around them, the group in the shadow will take the light bouncing from lit surfaces to illuminate objects in your shadows.

That was light probe groups!

Next up, I will be going over the new changes to post processing in HDRP!

Thank you for your time!



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Marcus Cohee

Marcus Cohee


I am starting Unity and learning the ropes as I go! Let’s take this journey together!