Guide to Making a Beautiful Game: Altering Texture Maps

Hello all!

Today, I will be going over how to alter existing texture maps! I will be changing the theme from yellow to a grey metallic.

It’s starting to look more like a movie grade lab!

Finding the Objects Texture Map

Most objects you find online or the asset store will have a texture map included. Additionally, if you find an asset pack and they all have similar textures, they most likely have the same texture pack. So, let’s find that file:

  1. Select the object you want to change.
  2. In the Inspector, scroll to the bottom.
  3. Where is says “Object’s_name (Material)”, drop down the arrow at the bottom left.
  4. Under where it says Surface Inputs, click the image beside Base Map.
  5. That will highlight the texture map!

Altering the Texture Map

Here, we will need to open a different program. I will be using GIMP, but you can use any image editing software like Photoshop, they all work about the same.

Open the program you choose, import the image from the last section there, then manipulate the image how you wish. All I did was change the hue and saturation to make the texture more metallic looking.

If the texture map is too complex, it can make looking for certain features hard to pick out. If this happens, you may have to look at the objects UV mapping with a 3D program like Blender, AutoDesk, or 4D Cinema. I will go over this step on the next article.

When saving, be sure to save the original file by using “Save As” and naming it different. You will also need to keep the file a .PNG.

Adding the Altered Texture Map

Now we need to put the new texture map on our object. If you saved the new texture map to the original file destination, Unity will now compile the new image and it will show up in the project tab in the same folder as before. Take the new image, and drop it in the box beside “Base Map” from before.

It’s that easy to change a texture map! Experiment around with that and make something truly original looking!

Next, I will be going over how to add Light Emissions to objects!

Thank you for your time!



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