Guide to Making a Beautiful Game: Adding Post Processing in URP

Hello all!

Today, I will be going over how to add post processing to my URP project! There are so many options to choose from, let’s see what’s possible!

Using Post Processing to make the test tubes and light brighter and stand out more!

The 2 Applications of Post Processing

Post Processing, or PP for short, can be used in 2 occasions: If you want the whole scene covered in it, or only when the player enters a certain area.

Global Volume

This object is used to cover the whole scene. This is useful for games that have several scenes, and nothing really changes. Like a level that is nothing but a barren wasteland for miles would be a good fit for this.

Shaped Volumes

These objects can be added as a box, sphere, or a convex mesh. This is useful if you have a scene that has multiple extreme temperature zones. Like an open-world game that has different biomes. Also useful for survival games with shelters to hide in weather events.

Post Processing Overrides

I will go over the some of the most used PP Overrides. These can range from better lighting to camera effects.


Used to give life to your lights by making the lights jump out at you more. You only need slight adjustments of this feature to make massive changes.

Color Adjustments:

Kind of explains itself. You can use this to change the color, contrast, hue, and saturation of the scene.

Depth of Field:

This enables the camera to act like our human eyes. If objects are too close or too far, it blurs them to give you a sense of depth!

Film Grain:

This gives the scene a grainy look to it. Like looking through film with small particles on it. This would be useful in horror games or looking through a microscope.

Motion Blur:

Used to blur the image as you pan the camera. In my experience, this helps with motion sickness but can also be graphic intensive.


This creates a ring around the screen that can be used to make the player focus on what’s going on in the center of the screen

That was how to set up Post Processing in URP! There are so many options you can use to make a scene come to life, go try it out!

Next, I will go over how to use the performance improving machine, Occlusion Culling!

Thank you for your time!



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Marcus Cohee


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