Creating Cool Cutscenes with Both Cinemachine & Timeline!

Marcus Cohee
2 min readAug 3, 2022


Hello all!

Today, I will go over how to make cutscenes with both Cinemachine and Timeline! I have already shown a little bit of this, but these 2 cutscenes are more focused on both!

Cop Event:

Here, I made it where when I hit the trigger, the box, then a cop car drifts around a corner near me so I can talk to them. How I used both tools when I reached the trigger:

  • I made it where I could no longer control the player by adding an idle animation during the cutscene.
  • Set a virtual camera aiming at the cop car active till the timeline ended.
  • Then gave back control of the player.

Talking to an NPC:

With this one, I used 4 sets of Blend List virtual cameras. That gave me a panning look to it. Then added a looping talking animation to both the player and NPC to make an awesome looking talk scene!

Cinemachine and Timeline work so well together! I’m so glad Unity added these awesome tools so we don’t have to code each frame of animation anymore!

Time to work on the finale to the Cinemachine & Timeline course! See you there!

Thank you for your time!



Marcus Cohee

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