Creating the Shielded Enemy

  1. Drag an Enemy prefab in hierarchy.
  2. Unpack the prefab.
  3. Rename it Shielded_Drone_Enemy.
  4. Add any sprite to the Sprite Renderer.
  5. Remove and…

Creating the Aggressive Enemy

Making the Swooping Enemy

  1. Drag on the…

Damage Behavior

  1. Open the Player script.
  2. Head down below the Damage() method.
  3. Make an “IEnumerator InvulnerabilityRoutine()” method:

Thruster Behavior

Making the Enemy Laser

Code for Quitting your Game

  1. Open the GameManager script you made before, then add this if statement to the Update() method!
  • Note: This feature does not work in the Unity editor, you will need to test it in a build of your game!

Player Settings Window

Installing the Post Processing Package

Marcus Cohee

Hello all! I am starting Unity and learning the rope as I go!

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